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How do you communicate with the Divine?

communicating with the divine
I read a post on Facebook fairly recently by someone who said that meditating or following other similar modalities was not the way to have a personal relationship with the Divine (Spirit, God, Creator, Providence, Allah, or however you name the Higher Power). I beg to differ! I feel that we all have our own way of communicating with the Almighty and that this sacred relationship is what provides a deep connection to one another. Since the Divine is everywhere – within and without…

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Reflecting on the Full Moon

Full moon“I feel a release,” I said to my mother as we ate dinner Friday evening. I had just had a brain MRI to see what might be causing the incredible malaise I have been feeling for the past month or so. I thought I may have had another stroke. Later in the evening, shortly before going to bed, I remembered that it was a full moon that night, which meant it was the phase in the moon’s cycle when we are called upon to release anything in our life that isn’t serving us for our higher good.Read More »

What I learned from talking to a prophet

ProphetI had a long discourse recently with someone who called herself a prophet whom God speaks to. The conversation brought out the best and the worst in me, and I am grateful for the dialogue for what it showed me. It concretized a lot of beliefs that I already had. One thing that was brought up in our conversation was my last blog post about Nothingness, which brought out our different viewpoints.Read More »

Being embraced by nothingness from which all of life begins

NothingnessThe Sacred Womb, the Great Silence, the Nothingness…these are terms that you may have heard used to describe that place of complete solitude from which all of life, of creation, begins.Read More »

Writing a love letter to yourself!

Love letterWe have had a shaman visiting us for the past week doing healing sessions on our entire family. It has been an experience to say the least…a wonderful experience! After one of my sessions, my homework was to write a love letter to myself to honor those beliefs from the past that have held me hostage for so long and then release them by burning the letter. I finished writing it and was pleased with what I wrote, but then in a meditation afterward, I got a message that said that I needed to change it a bit.Read More »

Unprecedented time for us!

feminine powerWe are in a historic time with the prospect of having the first female in the White House. With this historic moment comes a huge shift in the global consciousness that is so needed in our world…the shift from patriarchal domination that we have lived under for so long to honoring the feminine in a big way.Read More »

Reaching a new level of awareness!

Have you ever had an experience where something happens and you have a huge AHA! moment, a breakthrough that takes you to a new level of awareness? I had one recently that I wish to share with you, as I hope you will be able to relate to its message.Read More »

Spirit messages from Crow

spirit messages of crowRemember in the last blog post, I spoke about the spirit messages from Bear, who was the guide in Standing Up for Yourself that helped Sarah build confidence in herself and her psychic gift? In Believing In the Magic, the second book of the Sarah’s Gift series, Crow is the spirit animal who comes to Sarah to help her and her new friend Leila realize the power of their thoughts, and to see the magic in everything.Read More »

Claim Your Past, Present and Future

Past, present and futureA few weeks ago, I brought some boxes home from my storage unit where I put all my belongings after I had a stroke in 2011, and I can’t believe the stuff that I have! I forgot about how nice a lot of it is. But I have also been working on simplifying my life since my life-altering experience, so where does all that stuff fit in? How do I reconcile my need for simplicity in my life with my desire to reclaim a part of me that I had forgotten about? Have you ever been in a similar situation, where you have gone through a major change in your life that has completely turned your world upside down, and you aren’t sure which way to turn?Read More »