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Spirit messages from Bear

BearIn the back of each of the Sarah’s Gift books, there is a description of the spirit animal that played a role in the story. Remember, Sarah’s Gift was inspired by Dr. Steven Farmer’s Children’s Spirit Animal Cards, so each book conveys the message of the associated animal.Read More »

Believe in yourself and watch the miracle unfold!

Believe in yourself
I just love this picture! 🙂

Recently, I was working with my personal trainer at the gym. (She actually calls herself a functional specialist because she works primarily with people who have some sort of affliction and she tries to help them return to optimum functionality. She herself has had two strokes, so she is the perfect trainer for me!)Read More »

Seeing through your divine lens

Your divine lens“We each come here with a great soul intention to live up to our greatest potential, line our lives up with our highest self, and do great work that helps others. We hit bumps in the road; loss, illness, financial challenges, childhood pain and relationship turmoil. When we align our ego mind with the wisdom of the soul – we step into our power. We see the hidden beauty of each painful moment; we understand the purpose of each perfectly designed challenge. We know exactly who we are and how to move forward to our great potential. This is the beauty of your Divine Lens. You can access your Divine Lens at any moment. It’s a simple shift of perception: Here’s how…”Read More »

Are you pushing too hard in your life?

Life is like a fart
I know this may be crude, but it’s sooo true! 🙂

I get a lot of newsletters from different people, but one of them that I enjoy the most is from Sara Wiseman. If you have ever seen any of Sara’s work, you would see why. Sara is a spiritual teacher, intuitive and author of several very insightful books. Here is her most recent blog post, that is also her “Daily Divine” message of the day, which you can sign up for on her website.Read More »

The inspiration behind Sarah’s Gift

Children’s Spirit Animal Cards by Dr. Steven Farmer

Childrens Spirit Animal CardsAnyone who has followed my book venture Sarah’s Gift series knows that it was inspired by the Children’s Spirit Animal Cards by Dr. Steven Farmer, an author, shamanic practitioner, soul healer and spiritual teacher. Because of my love for Tarot (I am a Tarot reader), I found these cards to be a wonderful addition to my collection of Tarot and Oracle cards. Particularly because they are for children, a subject near and dear to me as I explore my relationship with my own inner child.Read More »

You are unique

Let’s reflect upon our human “uniqueness”

I was reading an article in the YinSights newsletter (covering Yin Yoga, the feminine form of yoga that I do) called “why ignorance of Human Variation is a big problem in yoga and medicine”. It was talking about how, even with the similarities in all humans, we are all unique. We may all be made up of identically shaped protons, neutrons and electrons, but that is as far as the true similarities go. The combination of characteristics and traits of every individual are diverse, much like snowflakes. You’ve probably heard the metaphor “no two flakes are alike”. So, in this context, let’s reflect upon our human “uniqueness” and what its purpose is – to you, to me, to the world.Read More »

Being psychic-what does it really mean?

What does it really mean to be psychic?

Psychic childrenChip Coffey in his book Growing up Psychic defines being psychic like this: “having the ability to pull in energy and receive information that cannot be accessed using the five senses”. He’s talking about the sixth sense that people with psychic abilities have. But what does that mean in terms of the kinds of things a person can do with this sixth sense. And what about paranormal phenomena, when something happens that can’t be explained rationally or scientifically, again something that can’t be understood with the five senses?Read More »