About Sarah’s Gift series

Believing In the Magic, 2nd book of Sarah's Gift

Sarah’s Gift series of books tells the tales of a young girl with psychic abilities and how her abilities help her in different situations. The series comprises the following books. New titles will be added as they are created.

book cover - frontStanding Up for Yourself – Sarah is in fifth grade and has a gift. She can see spirits. When they begin appearing, everybody thinks she’s crazy, especially Tom Jacobson, a bully at school. Until…
Find out how Sarah’s gift helps her deal with Tom.

Believing In the MagicBelieving In the Magic – Sarah meets a girl with telekinetic abilities, and teaches her how to use them in a positive way to help her manifest what she desires.

The series was inspired by Dr. Steven Farmer’s Children’s Spirit Animal Cards, with each book representing a different animal and its message for children.