Spirit messages from Crow

spirit messages of crowRemember in the last blog post, I spoke about the spirit messages from Bear, who was the guide in Standing Up for Yourself that helped Sarah build confidence in herself and her psychic gift? In Believing In the Magic, the second book of the Sarah’s Gift series, Crow is the spirit animal who comes to Sarah to help her and her new friend Leila realize the power of their thoughts, and to see the magic in everything.

Crow’s messages, like Bear’s, can be used as guideposts for us all, giving us guidance in various situations. Below are Crow’s messages and possible ways that we can use the messages in our lives.

Crow carries the power of prophetic insight, as the messenger of foretelling and clairvoyance. – Have you ever been able to sense something before it happened? Or perhaps you just sensed something to be wrong (like someone having an accident) and then you received word that there had indeed been some tragedy (the accident actually occurred). Or maybe you have a vision of a new house in the country where your family moves to, and months later, your vision becomes reality. What do you do with that kind of information? Do you tell someone about it, or do you fear that they will laugh at you or think you’re crazy? They may even think you caused it to happen since our thoughts can be very powerful, as Crow tells Sarah when Leila starts using her thoughts to make things happen in Believing In the Magic. Think of a time when you were able to foresee an event before it happened. It could be as big as seeing someone’s death or as small as getting a phone call from a friend that you had just thought about. How did you feel about it? Did it frighten you or excite you? Did you tell anyone? What was their reaction? What did you learn from the experience?

Crow carries the power of intelligence by having the knowledge of ancient wisdom and magical ways. – Have you ever had a dream or vision of another time period in which you were living, and something in that time and place seemed very similar to the circumstances in your current life. Or your previous circumstances seemed to have some bearing on the way things were in your current life. For example, maybe you saw yourself drown in your vision and in your current life, you had a great fear of water. Write about it to see what bubbles up from inside. Allow yourself to just write your story without permitting your mind to put restrictions on what you write, as if it doesn’t believe you. What might the vision/story be telling you about your current life? What might you do to reconcile any feelings that it stirred in you? It may be necessary to seek some help from an adult.

Crow brings the message of “passing of the old to make way for the new”. – Remember that the crow is associated with death, but instead of seeing death as something bad, Crow wants you to see it in a different light. It wants you to not fear death, whether it is death of a person, the death of a friendship or other relationship, the death of some plan you were looking forward to, or whatever kind of death you may encounter and fear. With the changes in the cycle of life, life is followed by death is followed by life and so on. There is a rebirth after death. When something or someone dies, there is something greater that will be born. If a loved one dies, he/she is reborn on the other side where there is no suffering. When a plan goes awry and dies, there will likely something better to take its place, or perhaps its demise actually prevented something bad from happening. When a friendship dies, there will likely be a better one waiting for you in the wings. So fear not! Death makes way for the new. What experience with death have you had? How did you feel? What did you do to handle the situation? Were you able to see the good in it? Now that you understand death a little better, do you think that you will have less fear if death rings again in whatever way?

Crow tells us that it is a time of great change, where we must become who we see ourselves as, not who others think we should be. – We must be true to ourselves. Do you ever feel that you do, say, think and behave certain ways because that‘s the way you’ve been told to be? Or perhaps you are like that because you feel that’s the only way you’ll be accepted by others? When you do that, you are not being true to who you are, the real you. A butterfly can’t be a dragonfly even though they are similar. It’s the same with you. If you’re a butterfly, you can’t try to be a dragonfly to fit in or because someone told you to be that way. You want to stand up for who you are and what you want in life. Talk it over with your loved ones and possibly your peers. Explain to them how you feel. Hopefully there will be at least one person who will be supportive of your requests and will help and guide you. So, take the time to describe who you are: how you look, how you think. What are your emotions? What is your spiritual background? Anything that you would consider a trait. Write it down. Is this the real you, as you see yourself and as you want to be? Or are some of your traits based on what others have wanted for you? If you don’t feel that you’re being true to yourself, what can you do to change that? How can you get the support you need?

So if Crow shows up in your life in some way (through a dream, meditation, vision or in physical reality), think of what it may be telling you to look at in your life.

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