How do you communicate with the Divine?

communicating with the divine
I read a post on Facebook fairly recently by someone who said that meditating or following other similar modalities was not the way to have a personal relationship with the Divine (Spirit, God, Creator, Providence, Allah, or however you name the Higher Power). I beg to differ! I feel that we all have our own way of communicating with the Almighty and that this sacred relationship is what provides a deep connection to one another. Since the Divine is everywhere – within and without…

I love the sit outside next to my favorite tree, feeling its energy, with the sun shining brightly in the sky as the clouds flirt with it, with a warm breeze brushing across my face and hearing the cacophony of cicadas. I hear Spirit beckoning me as the wonders of nature surround me in a loving embrace. To deepen my experience, I may close my eyes and go into a meditative silence to listen for the inner divine voice that speaks to me. I also have a meditation ritual where I try to meditate every morning upon rising. I will sit in front of my altar and open my heart up to the messages that Spirit may have for me each day. I also use Tarot and Oracle cards to tap into my intuition, allowing the inner voice to speak divine wisdom. That divine wisdom has also come to me in my dreams.

And then there’s journaling; shamanic journeying; doing energy work; working with crystals, angels, the elementals, power animals, and color; near-death experiences and the like, which all open the door of communication to Spirit. There are so many different ways to have a personal relationship with the Divine and it disturbs me when someone discounts all but her or his way; as this, to me, is what causes separation, not connection, in our world.

We all have our own life journey, being spiritual beings in human form.

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