Writing a love letter to yourself!

Love letterWe have had a shaman visiting us for the past week doing healing sessions on our entire family. It has been an experience to say the least…a wonderful experience! After one of my sessions, my homework was to write a love letter to myself to honor those beliefs from the past that have held me hostage for so long and then release them by burning the letter. I finished writing it and was pleased with what I wrote, but then in a meditation afterward, I got a message that said that I needed to change it a bit.

You see, in writing all the things I wanted to release, I used the words “I am this” or “I am that”. For example, I am not worthy, I am unloved, I am undeserving, etc. (Have you ever found yourself using these kind of statements?) These statements were saying that I AM these things, that this is the state I am in. But this isn’t true.

Instead, I FEEL these things deep in my heart. The inner message was telling me that there was an emotion that underlies these feelings, causing them to surface…the emotion of FEAR. And what I needed to do is to get to the root of these feelings, get to the fear. And what would be the best way to do that but to replace that fear with LOVE?

So, here goes…

Dearest Erica,

First I want to tell you that I love you. I hope you know that. I know I don’t always act like I do, but that is because of old beliefs that I have had, and that is why I have written this letter to you.

There are many fears and thoughts and beliefs that have clouded my mind for so long that have prevented me from opening my heart to love, and thus, you have not felt loved like you deserve.

So be with me as I hold everything that I need to let go of, in love’s embrace before I release them…

I don’t feel deserving!…I hold you in love’s embrace
I don’t feel worthy!…I hold you in love’s embrace
I feel abandoned!…I hold you in love’s embrace
I feel unloved!…I hold you in love’s embrace
I feel unable to love!…I hold you in love’s embrace
I feel frightened! Life scares me!…I hold you in love’s embrace
I feel shy!…I hold you in love’s embrace
I feel incapable!…I hold you in love’s embrace
I feel imperfect!…I hold you in love’s embrace
I feel stupid!…I hold you in love’s embrace
I feel like I can’t do anything right!…I hold you in love’s embrace
I feel ugly!…I hold you in love’s embrace
I feel jealous and envious!…I hold you in love’s embrace
I feel mean and angry!…I hold you in love’s embrace
I feel impatient!…I hold you in love’s embrace
I feel controlling! I feel like I am not able to let go!…I hold you in love’s embrace
I feel selfish and ego-centric!…I hold you in love’s embrace

I want things my way!…I hold you in love’s embrace

All of you have been with me for a very long time and I honor your presence, but it is now time to release you into the ether to be transmuted into light. You have served your purpose and I bid you farewell.

Now dear Erica, my heart is pure and free from the weight of the past. I embrace you with loving arms. I am you and you are me! We are one!

Much love,

Misa Hopkins, bestselling author, healer, speaker and teacher, who healed herself of MS, introduced the Holding Meditation, an ancient meditation where one is held with compassion in the womb of the loving Sacred Feminine essence. When the shaman asked me to write the love letter, embracing myself in love, I thought of the meditation, which you can download for free here.

Yesterday, I took my letter and put it in a despacho, which was burned. A despacho is a shamanic offering to the Universe, in my case, a ritual of energetic exchange for healing. You may be familiar with burning as a technique of getting rid of the baggage of the past. I look forward to seeing what the impact of the burning will have on my healing. Of course, I also have a tremendous amount of “homework” given to me by the shaman to continue my healing and become the “new me”…rituals, creating an altar, flower and salt baths, body movement and reciting a new mantra that is positive and replaces the negative beliefs of the “old me”.

Or any letter, for that matter, that helps you release the beliefs from the past that have held you back from really being who you are, from expressing the genuine YOU? If so, what did you do? Did you burn it or cut it up or bury it or release it to the wind? Did it have an impact on your life? I would love to hear your story and its outcome!

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Erica TucciERICA TUCCI had a full life as a corporate manager of a Fortune 500 company, a healing arts business owner and an author. It all came to a screeching halt in June 2011 when she had a stroke. During her recovery, she gained much wisdom about what’s really important in life. Although she was a Reiki master, massage therapist and life coach as well as a corporate cog for many years, she realized that her passion was her books. Her hope now is that the messages of her books will be an inspiration for others, young and old. Visit her websites at www.ericatucci.com, www.sarahsgiftseries.com and www.radiantsurvivor.com