The inspiration behind Sarah’s Gift

Children’s Spirit Animal Cards by Dr. Steven Farmer

Childrens Spirit Animal Cards

Childrens Spirit Animal CardsAnyone who has followed my book venture Sarah’s Gift series knows that it was inspired by the Children’s Spirit Animal Cards by Dr. Steven Farmer, an author, shamanic practitioner, soul healer and spiritual teacher. Because of my love for Tarot (I am a Tarot reader), I found these cards to be a wonderful addition to my collection of Tarot and Oracle cards. Particularly because they are for children, a subject near and dear to me as I explore my relationship with my own inner child.

Children’s Spirit Animal Cards are a deck of 24 cards, each one of a different animal and its message. The cards can help a child six and older address any question about anything going on in his or her life. The guidebook that comes with the deck offers suggestions and advice to help a child deal with some difficulty he or she may encounter growing up, just like Bear helps Sarah in Standing Up for Yourself.

Each message of each card is simply an expression of Spirit/God through the associated animal. In the natural world, everything has a message for us that can guide us through our lives, again, just like Bear tells Sarah to stand up for herself. That is why, at the end of each book in the Sarah’s Gift series, I include a description of the wisdom, meaning and power of the “spirit” animal conveyed in the story.

I really love Dr. Farmer’s cards and hope you will enjoy reading Sarah’s Gift series, inspired by these cards. For more information about Dr. Farmer, his services and products, click here. If you are interested in Standing Up for Yourself, the first book in the series, click here.

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