About Erica

Erica Tucci
The shadow behind my head makes me look like I have bear ears in this picture! ūüôā

It is interesting how I got into writing children’s books. I have always loved writing, starting with a notebook of poems when I was in my teens. But writing for children is a whole different world than writing for adults. So, if you are interested in reading my story how I got into writing for children, here we go! Bear with me since it is rather lengthy, but I want to connect with you from my heart. I feel my story will show you what kind of books I write, and hope that they will resonate with you.

I was born into an artistic family. My father was first chair bassoonist in the Houston Symphony for 22 years before his passing in 1982. My mom was a voice major at Yale University when she was younger, and then a diction coach for the Houston Grand Opera, as well as being a professor of French at the University of Houston where she still teaches. I was a ballet dancer and pianist in my previous life, and attended High School for the Performing and Visual Arts. Although I thought my destiny was to become a ballerina after high school, I instead quit cold turkey and received a business degree at University of Houston. Figure that one out! We never know what the Universe has in store for us.

After college, I entered the corporate world, working for companies such as IBM, Compaq Computer, Hewlett Packard and finally Baker Hughes. I nurtured my desire to be self-employed by also owning two businesses, one that allowed me to write and publish books and the other developing the healing arts skills I had acquired (Reiki, massage therapy and life coaching). However, I have since then realized that my greatest passion is being an author.

Anything is possibleMoms and their young spirited boysI wrote and published my first book Moms and Their Young Spirited Boys in 1998, which became a finalist in the Houston Writer’s Conference the same year. The book was based on my two sons, who are of course wonderful young men now. I then began my novel Anything is Possible. It is¬†a beautiful love story. However, due to the “busyness” of my life, I put it away, to be forgotten until 2007 when the theme of the story manifested into reality. Imagine how that felt…that I had actually created my own reality unknowingly. Again, the Universe must have been at work again. I revived it and completed it in 2010, leaving it open-ended for a sequel. And I will say that the story isn’t over!

Zesty WomanhoodIn the meantime, in 1999, when I turned 40, I began my third book Zesty Womanhood at 40 and Beyond as I began reflecting on this incredible season of life I was entering. It took me six years to finish the book and another several years to finally decide to publish it.

Radiant Survivor

Then catastrophe hit! I had a stroke on June 10, 2011, which turned my life upside down, needless to say. As I was recovering from the profound illness that caused paralysis on my right side, I wrote my fourth book on healing entitled Radiant Survivor, which became an Amazon bestseller (Good thing I am left-handed!). I wanted to inspire others facing their own life traumas, giving them hope and encouragement that they too can live a full life after their life-changing situation. Our circumstance is not who we are or what we will become.

As I journey down the last leg of my recovery from my stroke, gaining my strength and stability back, I have encountered my inner child and have felt called to write children’s books to allow her to express herself. My Sarah’s Gift¬†book series for children speaks to the special gifts that they¬†have and how they use these gifts to deal with various life circumstances.

If you have read this rather lengthy bio of me and find yourself moved to purchase my books, I do hope that you will enjoy them. I welcome any and all comments, good and bad. Happy reading!