You are unique

Let’s reflect upon our human “uniqueness”

You are unique

I was reading an article in the YinSights newsletter (covering Yin Yoga, the feminine form of yoga that I do) called “why ignorance of Human Variation is a big problem in yoga and medicine”. It was talking about how, even with the similarities in all humans, we are all unique. We may all be made up of identically shaped protons, neutrons and electrons, but that is as far as the true similarities go. The combination of characteristics and traits of every individual are diverse, much like snowflakes. You’ve probably heard the metaphor “no two flakes are alike”. So, in this context, let’s reflect upon our human “uniqueness” and what its purpose is – to you, to me, to the world.

Each of us has a unique gift, skill, talent, craft or mastery to share with others. It may be creative (dancing), relational (teaching), nurturing (mothering), intuitive (healing) and inwardly oriented – all feminine qualities. Or it may be logical (accounting), analytical (science), active and physical (construction or law enforcement), initiating or leading (corporate management) and outwardly directed – all masculine qualities.

It takes all kinds of abilities to make the world function properly. And when one piece isn’t operating properly or isn’t allowed to function, it throws the balance of the Universe off. This happens in both our inner world and our outer world. When there’s an overload of one energy to the detriment of the opposing energy, our world teetor totters on the brink of disaster, especially when the energy has turned negative. This is where our (outer) world is headed, because of the domination of the masculine energy that we have been under for so long, ruling our world by power, aggression and the abuse of technology.

For us to bring our world back into balance, having unity between the two primary forces – masculine and feminine – we must allow the Divine Feminine essence in every one of us to emerge, not to fight back as the masculine would, but to be nurturing to heal the wounds inflicted upon us. It’s about getting back to nature, to the inner voice that will guide you in everything you do. It’s about being loving and reaching out to others compassionately, and connecting with others.

What’s interesting to me is that Yin yoga, which was what inspired me to write this message, has become more popular lately to offset the more prevalent Yang-based (masculine) yoga that we are more familiar with. It is an indication of how our world is slowly shifting to embrace the feminine aspect, which wants to connect, not “divide and conquer”.

You can be a part of the healing process with your unique gift. Use the power of your psychic abilities to help others open their hearts up and see the world from a different perspective. Help them find the balance of both the masculine and feminine energies within themselves. Help them find their own uniqueness. If we can help others heal themselves, this will radiate outward into the world, and little by little, create the unity that is necessary for our world to survive. Be the change in the world! Shine in the light of your uniqueness!

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